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About Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

Welcome to the Ruby Lane Modern Reproductions, Fakes, and Fantasies Shop The Modern Reproductions, Fakes, and Fantasies Shop is designed to serve as a handy tool for evaluating and identifying non-authentic goods. Known examples of novelty reproductions, fakes and fantasy pieces are illustrated for the purpose of research and education.
Items in this shop are not for sale. Contemporary fakes and reproductions do not qualify to be sold on Ruby Lane.
Fully Searchable The Modern Reproductions, Fakes, and Fantasies Shop is fully searchable using the Ruby Lane Search tool which functions exactly as if you were searching within any individual Ruby Lane shop. How This Shop Can be of Service Modern fakes are often created with the specific intent of fooling the eye, and thus the buyer. They can be given the semblance of authenticity and age. The examples in this shop provide an opportunity for quick visual comparison and recognition. How to Use the Examples in the Shop It is very hard to be knowledgeable about many different areas of collecting. New collectors and dealers are especially vulnerable, since they are just beginning to learn the trade. It is not unusual to feel embarrassed, angry and sometimes discouraged, after discovering that a purchased item isn't authentic. But participation in a pursuit as varied as that of the collecting world almost ensures that some mistakes will sometimes be made. It wouldn't be possible to fill the shop with examples of every known modern reproduction, fake or fantasy. But many of the listings in the shop include tips that can be useful for helping to identify other like items not shown. A list of recommended Internet resources is posted in the shop's Favorite Links page.
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