This example is a fake Chocolate Pot and cups set similar to Item ID: 2007RP000416, except this set has a different, light background color rather than the shaded green more commonly found. Although very pretty, all pieces in these sets will be heavy and a bit too 'thick' for genuine Nippon porcelain, the gold decoration too bright.

The specious 'Nippon' mark shown, with an hourglass shape in the center, was never used by any Nippon era manufacturer. Also, the wreath portion of the mark is upside down from the orientation of wreaths in authentic marks.
The mark is deceptive in another way in declaring the set to be, 'hand painted.' The floral decoration is a modern machine applied pattern sold as 'Wildflower'. This design has appeared for years on many other shapes of fake and reproduction articles sold by a well known wholesale company that specializes in contemporary reproductions and fakes. The design is applied by machine at the factory, as are the other decorative effects from shaded background to application of the gold. Nothing was painted or applied by an artistic hand despite what the mark says.

Search this shop for other non-authentic Nippon marked pieces to review additional information about item characteristics to look for, as well to see examples of other spurious marks which include the word, 'Nippon.'

The pot measures 11 inches in height and the cups are 3 inches tall.


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Porcelain Chocolate Pot, Four Cups, Marked Nippon


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