This example is a modern covered cheese dish with a misleading 'Limoges' back stamp. Decorated with vibrant pink flowers and trimmed in gold this item may fool some buyers who are not yet aware the false mark on back with the words 'Limoges China' has no actual connection to Limoges, France. The item was made in China, not France.

This new piece was still available for bulk purchase as of the day of this writing from a wholesale company that specializes in contemporary reproductions and fakes. It is attractive and designed to look as if an authentic hand painted original, but look closely enough and its machine applied decoration becomes apparent. The idea of the false 'Limoges' mark on its bottom is to help it appeal to (and fool) modern collectors.

Certain characteristics help identify falsely marked contemporary 'Limoges' items as counterfeits. Bright gold trim, for instance. This piece has no patina and looks new because it is new. The mark shown in this listing is just one of several different spurious Limoges marks buyers should know about and avoid if they want to buy only authentic French Limoges porcelain. Search this shop for other items bearing spurious Limoges marks for additional features that help separate real from fake porcelain articles.

Measures 7 1/2 inches tall to tip of handle. Tray is 9 1/2 inches long by 6-7/8 inches wide.

Hand Painted, Limoges, Porcelain

Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

Limoges China Hand Painted Cheese Dish Pink Floral


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    Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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