This is another reproduction example of modern decorative porcelain items falsely marked with an 'RS Prussia' decal mark. The familiar Schlegelmilch porcelain mark of wreath and star in green & red appears to have been applied to this piece over the glaze. Of course, marks on true RS Prussia items should be expected to always be under-glaze.

Frequently this type of item is mistakenly advertised by sellers as a mustache cup, which is a similar collectible niche that suffers from fake, fantasy and reproduction examples of its own. But the form shown here is actually intended to be a shaving mug. Wholesale sources have been offering brand new 'antique style' shaving mugs for 'decorative' purposes and gifting ever since the 1960's, when authentic examples began to be seriously collected and values started to climb.

Even though still being made, similar items have been on the market now for quite a few year, too, so their true origin can become more and more obscure to both buyers and sellers. When people start to muse to themselves and seem to recall, 'Didn't Dad or Grandpa have one just like this?' it becomes easier and easier to ascribe an age to a familiar item that is far from truth. So, reliance on memory, not fact, can become a problem in regard to porcelain items like the one seen in this listing.

Decorated with a lovely transfer decoration of pink roses and blue daisies, with bright gold color trim around the top and handle, this is an attractive piece. However it is not comparable to the details and quality characteristics of authentic R.S. Prussia porcelain. New items like this with false marks generally only succeed in being able to mimic the qualities of the items they will later be represented to be on the secondary market. Search this shop for other examples of new shaving mug and mustache cup designs with marks similar to the one seen in this listing, as well as 'Limoges.'

Measures 3 1/2 inches tall and is 3 1/2 inches wide at the top.

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RS Floral Shaving Cup or Mug


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