This example is a set of fake or fantasy candle holders, since this mold shape was not originally made by a Japanese producer during the Nippon era. The decorative design is a completely new production, also. Not a reproduction of an old decorative desing. This type of fake 'Nippon' porcelain originates from wholesale and retail merchants who specialize in reproduction and fakes. They do not sell old, authentic Nippon, though they may include the word 'antiques' in their business name.

While pretty, these pieces are heavy and look a bit too 'thick' for genuine Nippon porcelain. Note the very new appearance of the gold decoration and that both pieces are free of any visual indication of use. A truly old set of candlesticks made in the late 1800's to very early 1900's would surely at some point have been used. The Nippon era ended a long, long time ago, nearly 100 years, so is it realistic for items genuinely made during that era to exhibit absolutely no sign of wear or patina - at all? These look 'like new' because they are new.

Some dealers and collectors are able to tell the difference between authentic Nippon pieces and newer fakes or reproductions (made from molds taken from the originals). They recognize the feel of the porcelain and the 'look' of decorations. But, for most people, especially new dealers and collectors, it can be very difficult to know for sure. And so, they tend to rely on a maker's mark.

If relying only on a mark, in this case it helps to know that the hourglass-type figure seen in the center of this particular mark was never used in any authentic mark from the Nippon era. Also, the wreath portion of the mark is upside down from the orientation one should expect to find for wreaths that do appear in authentic marks.

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    Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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