This example is a fantasy cream and sugar set made to mimic real tabletop service ware once used in railroad diner cars. Marked with a red, white and blue, shield shaped Union Pacific Railroad decal each of the pieces in this matching set are heavily crazed to make them seem old.

Railroad china from the days when passenger railway service was the best way to traverse the country continues to be hot collectibles and reproductions are common. This is another area where collectors serious about only obtaining authentic pieces need to be sure to educate themselves. The manufactured, all-over glaze crazing on these pieces is the best visual clue to alert a potential buyer to their lack of authenticity. Vitreous china, the most common pottery type used to make vintage restaurant ware, does not craze like this. Also, the logo is applied over the glaze, rather than under it, a completely illogical arrangement if it were really a piece of dining car china specifically made to hold up to heavy use and repeated cleaning with high heat.

Various reproduction and fantasy shapes and the marks applied to them can be viewed on the Fantasy "Big Logo" Railroad China page of the Railroadana Online collector's reference site, a link to which may be found on the Favorite Links page in this shop.

The sugar measures approximate 2 1/2 inches high. The creamer 2 1/4 inches high and the saucer is 3 1/4 inches in diameter.


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Union Pacific Railroad Creamer & Sugar Set


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    Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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