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About The Many Faces of Japan

Our Service Pledge
We promise we will always be honest about our services and items in our store. We do not how to say, "I don't know". We stand behind our policies and products. As such, please remember that all of our items are used, vintage or antique. There will almost always be some time of age wear to the items we sell although some may not be obvious. We are referring to those visible to the naked eye here. We try our best to identify any major flaws. If you feel or see that I, Sharon have made an error in posting an item or have overlooked something, we would really appreciate you letting us know so I can correct any errors, or research further and update as appropriate.
About Us
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Make sure to scroll through all of our pages! We have a wide variety of items with a variety of pricing. A large number of items in ur store are antiques, we just don't have the same category choices in antiques and based on pricing restraints, they are under all other categories.

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Shipping & Insurance, Antique Safety, Returns
Please make sure you understand this so there is no confusion, see the 'Terms of Sale' in the right column of any item page and let us know if you have any questions. We pack very very safely and recheck all our items from inventory before shipping.

Note: Sold Items are set up to automatically fall off the Sold list between 30-60 days from the Sale. If you need it be removed sooner, please email us through the store.

Stands: Stands seen in the pictures are not included with the item unless otherwise stated. They are for display only. Thanks for understanding!

Caring for your special wares

Porcelain and Japanese pottery, lacquerware, metals, everything. Items purchased here are vintage and antique and the majority require special care. Chemical should never be used on any of them. Please consult books, websites and other resources for information on proper care of different types of antiques and vintage items. Even certain Japanese potteries require special preparation such as pottery that requires prep before using to prevent staining. We will never claim an item is something it is not unless it has been properly tested and/or researched.

Thank you for your feedback! We Love your emails and would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete the Store Feedback process which was just recently put into place, this can be found on the specific related Purchase Orders. We really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Please see our reviews from many happy customers and those who have taken the time to do this, it is a newer process for Ruby Lane and everyone is not familiar. Unfortunately. there is one negative feedback that does not even belong to our store as far as I can tell.

About our Family

The Idea to open a store started in the fall of 2013, after years of struggling with the job market for both of us after 30 years in healthcare and the construction business. We have taken turns with our careers and building and managing our collection, and servicing our customers.

History and information: Sharon had the fortunate experience of growing up in Japan and the opportunity to experience and learn about the Japanese culture and arts, I have spent time since over the years growing this through working in our store. We do not claim to be experts but try to learn as much as possible from articles, blogs, books, and people. We have had the opportunity to meet and learn from some wonderful people from all over the world whom we acknowledge in our posts, many who are well-known experts in the industry with a passion for Asian antiques. We try to collect as much information as possible and pass this on to our customers. We are often told by customers they did not even realize they 'like Japanese stuff' as one customer told me. Regardless this often results in my long posts and I cannot apologize for this, it is just the way I am as I try to share and explain every aspect of any given item. I no longer speak, read, or write Japanese, and have had help from those that do or translation websites for our kanji, in addition to the actual maker's site in Japan. Please also see our 'Favorites' Links on our homepage, for links to great websites of artists, makers, and these experts. If a site has been removed it may have moved, please feel free to ask for it.

Thanks to our customers we have achieved Platinum store status. We often place in the 'Top 5 to Top 10' Stores in the ‘Porcelain and Pottery’ category of 'Top 50 Viewed' stores. This can be found on any Ruby Lane page by using the drop-down box 'RELAX' under 'Shop, Sell and Relax' at the top left of any Ruby Lane page and the 'Top 50’ categories.

Coming to you from Austin, Texas, please visit our growing online family store of over 700 Japanese antique, vintage and contemporary items. Our goal to collect and share as much as possible about the different wares and all that Japanese art and yakimono has to offer. We do have our favorites, I cannot lie and want to make sure we always have our customers as well! We have items from over 100 Japanese artists and makers including Master and famous potters and National Living treasures. If you subscribe to our store, you will receive updates for new or changed items in our inventory and other important announcements at a frequency of your choice. This is our only online location at this time.

Thank you so much for visiting our store! Please feel free to contact us with your questions by using the email or phone number listed at the top of any store page under the icons, although emailing is the best way to quickly get our attention! (Phone paging is not working with our new cell carrier).

Most sincerely,
Brent, Sharon. and Adriane

The Meredith Family
Austin, Texas, U.S.