This classic medial and pharmacological book by the famous Francois Vincent Raspail is the last book published in a long line of work. It contains the will as well as an obituary as the author died in January of 1878 after completing the book. The book contains an alphabetical list of maladies and their possible treatments of the day, a long list of drugs and medical devices with their prices in the back and numerous recipes for concoctions to help alleviate medical problems.
Raspail was one of the founders of the cell theory in biology. He coined the phrase omnis cellula e cellula ("every cell is derived from a [preexisting] cell") later referred to Rudolf Karl Virchow. He was an early proponent of the use of the microscope in the study of plants. He was also an early advocate of the use of antiseptic(s) and better sanitation and diet. His "Manuel annuaire de la santé 1834" is portrayed in the painting "Nature morte avec oignons/Still life with a plate of onions" by Vincent van Gogh (1889 Kroller-Muller).
Raspail was a candidate for the Presidency of the French Second Republic in December 1848, but came in fourth, losing to Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (Later Napoleon III). He had been involved in the attempted revolt of 15 May 1848, and in March 1849 was again imprisoned as a result. In 1853, Napoleon III commuted his sentence of imprisonment to one of exile. He returned to France from exile in 1862. In 1869 he was elected deputy from Lyons and in 1875 from Marseilles. He remained popular and respected during the French Third Republic. The longest boulevard in Paris, in the 7th, 6th and 14th arrondissements, was named Boulevard Raspail in his honor, after which the Raspail Métro station takes its name.
Book is in relative good condition for its age with binding sound and pages somewhat discolored through are. The front cover has a dimple and the corners are all worn and slightly bent.


Juliet Jones Vintage

F V Raspail Manuel de la Sante pour 1878


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