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About Argentum

Argentum sells genuine antique and vintage fine silver jewelry and objects. Welcome to our shop.

The ancient Romans adored silver, they called it argentum, a word that lives on in many languages... argent, argento, argint... but most of all here at Argentum, home to our extensive collection of antique and vintage silver jewelry and objects.

Silver - the mysterious metal of moods... bold as a mirror or soft as moonlight... just perfect for expressive adornment.

Silver - the spiritual metal of the moon... to the medieval alchemists silver held all the power and mystery of the moon itself- their symbol for silver, a crescent moon. Even today, some clients tell us that silver feels quite different to wear, more natural, even that it has a kind of subtle energy. Perhaps the alchemists were right.

We invite you to discover our rare silver jewelry, adornments and objects from around the world. Fine silver rings, earrings, necklaces, collars, pendants, bracelets, bangles, cuffs, brooches, pins, lockets, hair clips, fine objects, concho belts, belt buckles, even antique silver stirrups.

Our pieces range from ancient Roman to 20th century Modernist. Each one has been selected for beauty, authenticity, inspiration and craftsmanship. Each one is guaranteed to be as described and to be genuinely from the stated period. We do not sell reproduction jewelry. We do not sell new jewelry. We do not sell costume jewelry.

Rare original pieces like these make special gifts for special people, including yourself of course!

Enjoy your visit and we hope you fall under silver's romantic spell as much as we have...

About us:
Long established in Sydney Australia, we happily ship worldwide.
Questions are always welcome. Returns are accepted and we offer flexible layaway terms.
All pieces arrive in a gift wrapped presentation box, the outer shipping packaging plain.