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About Yifat Aharoni Romantic Contemporary Jewelry Design

Our Service Pledge

Jewelry is an art form that is only fully realized once combined with the aesthetic perception of its wearer.
If you’re looking to purchase a beautiful necklace or bracelet, appreciate original and fresh jewelry designs and value high-end artisan craft, you’ve probably reached the right jewelry shop.
My mission as a professional silversmith and jeweler is to create upscale fashion jewelry designs that will touch both your sensations and feelings.

* See information on my special Jewelry SALE.

All designer necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewels are conceived, designed and crafted in my own studio.
The jewelry pieces are as described here, made from selected materials and perfectly handcrafted. Drawing on my years of knowledge gained from studying and working with textiles and leather, my studio offers in-house tailored leather cuffs, chokers and bracelets, and velvet necklaces.

Besides my own original jewelry designs, I also offer in this shop selective vintage jewelry pieces that I find in flea markets and estate sales. They are costume jewelry pieces which I liked, mostly of unusual design or having other unique fashion. I buy vintage jewelry on individual item basis and never buy jewelry lots or wholesale bulks.
I describe these jewelry as "vintage", which means that they were purchased and not made by me. These vintage pieces are cleaned meticulously in my studio and restored, if necessary. Worn necklace strings are replaced by new sets.

I also restore and use vintage jewelry and vintage accents to design and make upcycled jewelry, for example, cufflinks redesigned as earrings or a brooch converted into a bracelet. These jewelry items are described as "upcycled".

I have years of experience in international shipping and guarantee prompt service.

If you like one of my jewelry designs but prefer it to be crafted in another color, with a different stone, or a specific image, just let me know. I have a wide collection of jewelry (not all of which are on display) and can also tailor-make pieces according to individual tastes.

Special jewelry SALE: exclusive for Ruby Lane buyers: This is an opportunity for Ruby Lane buyers to acquire quality designer jewelry sold at exclusive boutiques and high-end jewelry shops at very reasonable prices.

Please call or email me for any question, request or comment. If I don't answer your email within 2 business days, please send it again or check your spam mailbox.
Please note that I am 7 hours ahead of US Eastern time.

About Us

Jewelry for the woman with a passion for fashion... Yifat Aharoni jewelry shop is a purveyor of designer and vintage fashion jewelry.

I create velvet and leather chokers, pearl and crystal bracelets, gold plated and gold-filled earrings, cameo pendants, sterling silver rings, pearl necklaces, plastic and fabric jewelry and leather and silver cuffs. My jewelry is bold, colorful and quite often funky.

Besides my own designs, I sell in this shop selective vintage jewelry pieces which I find in flea markets and estate sales. I also restore and use vintage jewelry and vintage accents to design upcycled jewelry, like cufflinks earrings or brooch bracelets.

Among the custom jewelry that I make, you can find collections of bead necklaces, pearl and leather chokers, velvet and silver necklaces, glass and crystal beads, bib necklaces and handmade enamel pendants. Only certain pieces of my jewelry are on display shows at Yifat Aharoni Romantic Contemporary Jewelry shop, so for any particular requests, I am more than happy to respond to you help you choose the perfect jewelry.

Jewelry is always the answer when you want to enhance your appearance or feel you need an ‘extra something’ to complete an outfit. Indeed, for me, jewelry is a kind of art that is fully realized once ‘blended’ with the aesthetic perception of its wearer.

* SALE: FREE SHIPPING on purchase over $199, for all items sold at their listed price and paid by PayPal (not applicable to expedited and courier delivery shipping costs).

Visitors and customers in Israel: I will be glad to meet you, in person, at my studio in Jaffa and help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for you. Coffee and a wonderful sea view are also included...

More about myself and my love for fashion, design, jewelry and crafts:

When creating a new design, I like to harmonize materials from different periods, crafts and applications. To give you some examples, sometimes I’ll combine a Renaissance style cameo with a biker’s leather cuff, accent romantic flowers on a contemporary sterling silver necklace, or marry classic Austrian or Czech crystals with statement jewelry of modern fashion.
Periodically, I also use collectible and vintage jewelry and jewelry parts to accentuate my own contemporary jewelry designs. For example, I combine sterling silver (925) with various kinds of jewels and materials: leather, fabric, stones and beads, pearls, glass and crystals, rhinestones, ceramics, enamel, cloisonné and metal emblems.
The outcome is sharp and stylish - a classy move away from mainstream jewelry - noticed and admired by many.

A good number of styles in my jewelry collection also include miniature romantic images, imprinted using a special technique. Embedded in a sterling silver bezel, they make a valuable cameo pendant or a beautiful pair of vintage style earrings. It is surprising to see just how a romantic jewelry pendant can be transformed into contemporary designer jewelry when married with a bold leather necklace. Similarly, crystal-clear sparkling Swarovski rhinestones crowned on tailored white leather become a rocking cool leather cuff bracelet.
I consider jewelry to be an essential part of a woman's appearance. When designing a necklace or a bracelet, I take a comprehensive approach...I always picture a suit or dress, and then envision how a piece of jewelry can enhance it. Therefore, my contemporary romantic jewelry pieces are available in a wide range of colors, in order to complement the broad spectrum of fashion.
And because my jewelry is directly inspired by fashion, fabrics, color and unconventional use of materials, what emerges is a unique and special kind of in-vogue design. Elegant when paired with an evening dress, impressive on a business suit, and sexy and bohemian when worn with a t-shirt. Whatever the fashion, occasion or season, my jewelry designs always stand out and catch the eye.
Moreover, all of my designer jewelry is originally conceived and perfectly hand crafted to the highest standard of quality and styling. Selling to upscale fashion jewelry customers, my studio offers a professional knowledge of jewelry, fashion accessories and apparel design and making. Materials are selected with absolute commitment to quality, and the artisanship is diligent and professional; sterling silver models parts are authentically carved in wax or fabricated in metal. The leather and fabric work, such as cutting, sewing or embroidering, or other artisan crafts are also carried out in-house.
In some jewelry, I selectively oxidize the silver to give it a vintage or antique look. Silver tarnish, by nature, also provides a vintage effect, so sometimes I leave it as it is.

During my studies in industrial design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, I worked as a flight attendant and visited many exciting countries and places. On increasing occasions, I found myself increasingly fascinated by fashion, apparel and jewelry. Enthusiastically, I began seeking out opportunities to find and study the many different styles and trends around the globe.
By the time I graduated with my degree in industrial design, I realized that I wanted to continue in the fashion field, and since then I have been working in this field (for over 20 years now).
In addition to jewelry, I have designed handbags, women's clothes, shoes and slippers. However, jewelry design has remained - and I suspect will remain - my great passion.
Besides high-end boutiques and upscale shops, you could see my jewelry collections in H. Stern Chain in Israel, the Victoria & Albert Museum Store in London and The Tel Aviv Museum Store. The footwear I designed was sold to major customers such as Nordstrom's, Marks & Spencer, Galleries Lafayette, and Mothercare.
Last but not least, you probably have noticed that my mother tongue is not English. Unlike jewelry design where I seek perfection, I felt that writing my own text would be the proper way to convey to you my true thoughts and feelings. In addition, as you can see, I am not a fantastic jewelry photographer!
Ideally, it’s always better to meet a customer in person and have them see, touch and feel my jewellery as you would in a bricks and mortar shop. However, I can tell you quite honesty that my jewellery is just as beautiful if not in the pictures - if not more so - and I don’t believe you will be disappointed if you buy a piece!

Please email or telephone me, should you have any questions, comments or requests.
Thank you for reading this. Enjoy visiting my jewelry shop and your shopping.

All rights of design, copyright, and any other intellectual property belong to Yifat Aharoni and/or Yifat Aharoni Ltd.

“Jewelry is a statement. It should make you feel esteemed and distinct.”
Yifat Aharoni upscale romantic contemporary jewelry
Yifat Aharoni
119 Kedem Street
Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Tel Aviv 6805702
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