Yesteryear Revisited

Lucy Rudy, Springfield OR
since 2019

Admired Designs and Stories from the Past

About Yesteryear Revisited

Immersed in my past, I am obsessed with passing on the quality and beauty of objects created in years gone by. When I see something that triggers many memories, I wonder if there are others who have these same feelings? Seeking to preserve them for anyone who likes to walk down memory lane and enjoy the clever and artistic way many everyday items were made I have gathered hundreds of vintage pieces and desire finding new and loving homes for them.
Spending many years as a rock hound and inspired to create from the beauty of the earth I also became a silversmith. Thus my love of jewelry, and my gigantic and exotic rock collection. Never limiting myself to one category of the earths beauty I also am enamored with all varieties of wood and all the beautiful pieces utilitarian and artistic that wood is used for.
The earth and human creativity is limitless.... but not invincible. Relish what the past has to teach us.