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If you want your interior to never become outdated, choose timeless things.
I am from Romania, a wonderful country to visit, a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. I grew up in a 19th century house decorated with strong art deco influences. Now I live in the Netherlands, a small but very important country in the European cultural and artistic tradition. Over time, the Dutch people considered the aesthetic value of the objects that surrounded them to be of great importance, from the decorative ones: wall plates, chandeliers, flower vases, to the most practical ones, used in the household. So, many objects produced in the Netherlands in the last century are decorated with Delft porcelain, with maual paintings and cast elements of brass, bronze, tin. They also imported decorative objects from neighboring countries: France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, etc. to decorate their interiors, objects that have been kept in very good conditions until today. In my shop you will find some examples of these treasures that are now ready for the journey to other destinations in other homes where they can instantly bring more character and aesthetic value.
Iuliana Palma
Jordaensstraat, 12
Netherlands 6717RK
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