Xanadu House of Dolls

Fred Olson, Temple Terrace, FL

Member since 2017

About Xanadu House of Dolls

We started collecting dolls and antiques in 1965. This has been the driving passion in my life since then. I joined UFDC Inc in 1966 and have been a member ever since. Coming from the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), mother and I ran a doll hospital also doing shows and flea markets throughout the years. I have been a member of 4 clubs in the midwest (Minnesota and Illinois) and since moving to Florida I have been in 3 clubs in the Tampa bay area. I've done seminars for UFDC at both the national level as well as regional conferences and individual clubs. Presently I am the president of the St. Petersburg Doll Club, Vice President of the Florida West Coast doll club, and the recording secretary for the National Schoenhut Doll Collectors Club.