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About Us
I have restored many clocks, barometers and other antique wood items/furniture over the years, working for several years for one of the UK's leading barometer restorers. I have also worked in the jewellery trade for many years and learned skills that compliment my work with antiques. I also have a passion for woodcarving. The barometers for sale at WoodCraft Biz have been carefully chosen by their age and for the quality of original workmanship. All woodwork, veneer, edge-lining and French polishing repairs are done, dials are re-silvered, brass is polished and lacquered, the hands and dial screws re-blued and new glass tubes are fitted, pre-set with new weights. The prices you will see here for our restored barometers are what some dealers want for tatty, unrestored examples.

Because it is not possible to ship barometers with mercury, each barometer will be supplied with a new, pre-set unfilled tube, so all you will have to do is take it to a barometer dealer in your country, have it refilled with mercury and adjusted for your area. I am able to recommend a retailer in mainland USA who can do this for you for a very reasonable $100 - $150. Once this is done, your barometer will give many years of reliable enjoyment and will be an appreciating asset. Mercury barometers are extremely accurate in predicting weather changes and are perfectly safe in a home environment, if looked after.