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I have been in business for 37 years, and collected more vintage jewelry and accessories than I had room for in my shop. As a result, and being too busy to sort through and price excess jewelry, much of it was stored away for "another day". Well, that day has arrived! I have retired (somewhat), & have turned over the operation of my shop to my wonderful daughter (who is younger,smarter, stronger, and more up-to-date than her mother). As a result, all of my excess, boxed up, vintage jewelry, et al., must find an appreciative audience and, hopefully, a happy owner. Much of the jewelry has never been worn, but, for lack of space and age, I did not keep boxes. Sorry!
Because of my age (84), a shaky hand, and other excuses, I am relying on grandson to help me with photos, etc., but if you need better pictures or have questions about any item, please feel free to call me. I love knowing "who" is getting a special piece of jewelry so the love of and energy from previous owner will continue on and on.
Evaline Myatt
2677 Bernadotte St
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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