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We will respond to all orders within 48 hours, and we attempt to provide a full and accurate description of every item listed. We will ship all items within 3 days of purchase. From time to time, the rigors of shipping may loosen a tube and your radio may not perform as expected. If this happens, please contact us and allow us to assist you in checking for something simple in nature to fix. We will stand behind our radios !
About Us
“When Radio Was King” is a shop that deals in vintage radios, primarily from that era when you had to allow a few minutes for the tubes to warm up and the soft glow of the tubes radiated from the back of the set. This shop specializes in those radios from the 1930s through the 1950s, but also offers unique transistor radios from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Each radio is carefully disassembled to be inspected and cleaned. The tubes are cleaned, tested for emission and leakage and replaced if necessary. Under the chassis, all capacitors are replaced with modern replacements, while resistors are checked and only replaced if out of specification. If the radio is equipped with a dial lamp, it is replaced with a new one. Dial strings and springs are inspected and replaced if any signs of wear are present. Speakers are checked for tears and in most cases, minor rips are repaired, however, if damage is too severe, the speaker is removed and replaced with another speaker from the same era. All switches, tube sockets, tube pins, and the tuning capacitor are sprayed with electronic contact cleaner to remove oxidation ensuring proper operation. Power cords are replaced and a polarized plug is used to ensure wire safety. The radio is then aligned for proper operation and maximum sensitivity according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The procedure on transistor radios differs only in that there are no tubes involved. However, each transistor radio is thoroughly inspected for completeness, tested, aligned, cleaned, and polished.

The radio cases come in a variety of different materials. Some of the radios are housed in Bakelite cases or painted Bakelite cases while some are encased in classic wood. The later transistor radios normally are protected by more modern plastic cases. And of course there are the rarer materials; catalin and Plaskon. The cases are inspected for cracks, chips, scratches, loss of finish, and overall condition. If a Bakelite or plastic case has a repaired crack, it will be noted in the radio’s description, but “When Radio Was King” attempts to provide crack free cases. All non-wood cases go through a four step process where the case is cleaned, rubbing compound used to remove paint oxidation and scratches, polish applied, and finally, liquid wax to bring up the best shine the case is capable of. All exposed metal parts, such as dial bezels and knobs, are polished as well. In some cases, reproduction grill cloth is used where the original grill cloth has deteriorated to the point of no return. Wood cased radios are selected in part on the condition of the wood finish. “When Radio Was King” wants to preserve the ‘original features’ of the radio as best as possible, so any damaged areas are re-glued, and the finish is cleaned of dirt and polished to bring out the veneers in the wood. As with their Bakelite or plastic counterparts, all knob and dials, to include bezels, are cleaned and polish.

If the radio has a 'Phono' jack as part of its original design, then a Bluetooth receiver and customized cable will be included so you may take advantage of the radio with your Bluetooth devices.

Specific details about the individual radio will be listed with the item. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please enjoy your browsing.
Brian "Joe" Graniero
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