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Hello - my name is Warren Gallé - welcome to Bohemian Glass and More - a shop where you can take advantage of my years of collecting experience in order to add some of the most unique pieces you will find to your own collection. My main area of interest is in Bohemian glass, but I also appreciate and collect the work of other European and American firms from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, along with some of the more notable contemporary studio artists. My collecting interests have varied over the years (comic books, watches, coins, old documents), but glass is my passion. Collecting, appreciating, and perhaps most of all, research.. I am a member of the Loetz Advisory Group, a small group of collectors and researchers dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information in order to assist in the collecting and research of Loetz glass. But Loetz is not all there is to it - I also research other makers, including Harrach, Heckert, Kralik, Moser, Poschinger, Schliersee - just to name a few. Now, select pieces from my own collection and years of research are being made available to you, my fellow collectors! Please feel free to ask any questions - I will be glad to tell you anything I know about all the pieces offered here.
Warren Galle
4196 Merchant Plz #347
VA 22192-5085

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