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Bobby and Dana Mangum, Chapel Hill NC

Member since 2018

About Wabi-Sabi Antiques

Our Service Pledge
Customer service is our top priority. All items are honestly represented in our shop, all condition issues will be clearly stated in the item description. And we will endeavor to show a clear image of any flaws or damage.
About Us
At Wabi-Sabi Antiques we offer quality Consolidated art glass that you will be proud to have in your collection. Wabi and Sabi convey a certain look, feeling, and perspective. Wabi describes someone who makes the most of what he or she has. Sabi refers to the transience of time. Together the two words form a feeling that finds harmony and serenity in the uncomplicated, unassuming, beautiful, natural, and fleeting. As part of our shared human experience we understand the desire to bring into our homes objects that enrich our lives reflecting our style and way of living. It is our sincere hope that our collection will do just that.