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I love sharing my buttons with other collectors or people who just appreciate the art of vintage and antique buttons!

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About Zelda's Vintage Buttons Etc

Our Service Pledge
I respond to questions within 24 hours when possible. I describe my items and any flaws or defects accurately and honestly. I take very close up pictures which might show a little dust, lint or tiny scratches. Most of those are not seen with the naked eye. If you have questions you would like answered before buying, please email me.
About Us
I have been collecting and selling buttons online since 2007. I have been fortunate in finding large amounts of buttons from the 1930's. That is my favorite time in history, so a lot of my buttons are from that era. I have been selling sets of craft buttons, mostly from the 1970's on Etsy since 2007 and have over 3000 sales with 5 star rating. I will be selling some of my better, more collectible, buttons here and hope you will find some that suit your fancy. I will also be selling many buttons that I'm fortunate enough to have multiples of, including some 18th century cut steel buttons.

I got interested in buttons while traveling along with my husband when he worked in communications. I found some interesting Celluloid buttons, started studying them and soon found that many other buttons found their way into my life. We stopped in small towns across the country and I always looked for buttons while there. One of my favorite acquisitions was a Celluloid ear of corn in Iowa! There is so much history about buttons, and you could spend a lifetime learning about the different materials, styles, and other history about when, where and why they were made. I don't know everything there is to know about buttons, but I will try to the best of my ability to represent the buttons, their condition and their approximate age accurately. If you have questions, or have a special button you are looking for, want more than one of a particular button, please email me.

I am a National Button Society member, which gives me a lot of information and education about buttons, as well as a site called Button Country.

In my quest for buttons, I often came across other things such as buckles, jewelry and other related items. From time to time I will add those to my shop.

I love working one on one with customers, being efficient, thorough, and honest in all my interactions. My career required those skills as well as quality control, so I hope you will let me know how I'm doing after you receive your buttons. Happy shopping!