About Vintage Teddy Bears Dolls and Toys

When I was 6 years old ( that was a very long time ago) my Godmother gave me a tiny jointed Shuco bear in its own covered basket - a real treasure that I still have! That started my love affair with Teddy Bears. From 1974 - 1984 I owned a gift shop in Duxbury, MA where I sold all sorts of wonderful things, including Steiff, Brio and handmade toys, even the very first original Little People, ( later to be known as Cabbage Patch Dolls).
Over the years, I started collecting antique bears and soon started buying vintage doll and baby clothes to dress them in. Then came the old carts and chairs and dishes and dogs etc! I love creating vignettes with my bears, clothes, dogs and accessories. I even won a Best in Show at the Festival of Steiff for my dogsled vignette in 2005! Now, my collection is taking up 3 rooms of my house and it is time to start sending all these wonderful toys and bits and bobs to new homes. I love looking at all the detail that went into making these old stuffed animals. What little lives treasured and played with these special toys for hours on end? Washing and ironing the vintage doll and baby clothes always makes me think of all the love and dreams that were put into their creation. Everything I list here is from my private collection. I hope you will find a treasure here in my shop and enjoy it as much as I have.