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A. J. Lloyd, Chicago, IL

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About Josephine Vintage

As a child my mother took me shopping almost every weekend to some of the best, unfortunately now gone, discount stores like Loehmann's, Schottenstein's and Filene's Basement. Back then they used to cut or damage the label in the clothing so the shopper had to be particularly savvy about the merchandise in order to find the real deals. I learned a lot on those trips. And, my heart still aches for Loehmann's Back Room. I gained invaluable knowledge about clothing, styles, designers, fabrics, and quality. Without question I developed a certain "eye" for the special items in. The midst of what were often disorganized stores.

In high school I started shopping for vintage clothes at thrift stores and rummage sales, picking out the pieces that I might never wear but I knew were too special to leave on the rack. Some of which are still part of my collection today.

I still enjoy "the hunt" of vintage shopping and now decades later I am offering some of my finds to you. If you're looking for distinctive vintage finds you're in the right place. And, I'm so glad you're here.