sharon Barclay Barnes
Lake Helen , FL
Time to clear out some dolls to make way for a new selection...some great deals on ponytails

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Hello and Welcome to Old is New...This would describe me I am getting old but every day is a new beginning and a chance to make a difference . My name Sharon and I grew up in London, England a place where everything is old.
I have lived in sunny Florida for the last 18 years and have enjoyed my time here very much. To get away from the heat I love traveling to cooler states and going to Auctions and Estate sales to find Treasures from the past. I mainly collect Toys that include Trains, Tonka , Tin toys and Vintage Barbies. I also love Typewriters as they are so functional and anything that can be added to your Decor to bring in an Eclectic feel. I run my interior design firm during the day and I am always running across interesting items in my field of work. I am really excited about selling some of those items and more within my shop. I have sold hundreds of items thru auction sites and now wish to get to know and establish a great customer base. I look forward to any questions or offers and suggestions you may have.
Thank you so much,
sharon Barclay Barnes
261 E Michigan Ave
Lake Helen
FL 32744

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