Vintage Diversions

Karolyn Levin
Verona , WI

since 2019

About Vintage Diversions

Vintage Diversions was born from the enjoyment of finding and offering the wonderful and unique toys and items from our history. The utter amazement of my children upon firing up a long sought after rain oil lamp to the vocal delight of a coworker when I told her that I had found another rain oil lamp for her. This is what inspired me to continue my searches and open up this shop. Vintage items have a history and a story. I enjoy knowing their stories. It is also a delight when someone sees an item from their past and routes me through its connections to their history. It gives me great pride when one of my own children is mesmerized by a vintage toy that has endured though the decades. I strive to offer these treasures and excitement of their ownership to my customers.
Karolyn Levin
8200 N Riley Rd
WI 53593
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