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I want all of my customers to be happy with their purchase and understand that buying on the Internet can sometimes be difficult. Please remember that I do accept returns, but have had very few of them in our over 20 years of selling online. This means that my buyers are more than pleased with their purchases and most consider the items they bought nicer than expected.
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Featuring a diverse selection of vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories, collectibles, toys, and kitschy fun items for you and your home.

My love affair with vintage started with my grandmother. Whenever I would go stay at her house we used to play jewelry store or department store where we would set up her things and I would be the clerk and her the customer. I loved spending the night going through all of her fun stuff. I was able to play with my mother's and my uncle's old toys which were so much more fun than my own as each one would have a story that my grandmother would sit and tell me.

Now I love the history of each piece I sell or pick up for myself. Everything has a story if you just listen! It could be a story you know or one you make up. An old tin type could be your great-great-great Uncle George who was the black sheep of the family, or that brooch could be your Aunt Martha's who was always dressed to the nines.

When you buy vintage items you are recycling history and making it new again to your history. My husband and I both collect and have stories about where we found each piece or who we got them from.