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Steven Duplisea
Milford , NH
A big hello! We're both artists with over 30 years in the art and antiques biz. Shop with confidence!
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Finding and offering memorable vintage and antique items everyday! Shop us with reckless abandon!

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We respond to all orders within 24 hours, we guarantee the authenticity of all our items, etc. We try our very best to represent the condition of art, antique and vintage objects to the best of our ability, with honesty and transparency. we want and strive to make our valued customers happy and satisfied with their purchases.
About Us
Since we're both artists, one a painter and the other a fashion designer, our creative interests intersected and we approach the art and antique's business from two quite different angles. But what we both agree on and where our concerns overlap, is an insistence on the originality, integrity and authenticity of an object, be it vintage or antique. When searching for fine art and antiques, whatever the category or period, we strive to find objects that make our temperature rise and excite us both. Many criteria for judging objects, ultimately acquiring them and then making them available to the public for sale, hinge on several factors, gleaned from over 30 years of experience. Form, surface and scarcity are always in play, as well as the intrinsic beauty of an object. We do this full-time. Expect the unexpected and we will continue to do our very best, finding outstanding vintage and antique art and objects that enthuse you and peek your interest level. We're very discretionary in what we buy and sell. Please check us out and discover if there are one or more of our offerings that would enhance your world, brighten your day and put a smile on your face every time you come upon it in your home or office. We try to price competitively and take scarcity, condition and the inherent value of an object fully into question when pricing it. This is what we do and what we dig. 30 years and counting. Thanks for reading and peace.
Steven Duplisea
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