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Linda Wall, Strasburg, CO

Hi, my name is Linda. I am a Doll Artisan Guild (DAG) Instructor, Educator and hold the Triple Crown of Doll Making.

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About Uniquely Yours Porcelain Dolls

Hi, my name is Linda. I am a Doll Artisan Guild (DAG) Instructor, Educator and hold the Triple Crown of Doll Making. I am also a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc (UFDC) and past President of the Doll Study Club of Colorado Springs, and member of the Doll Study Club of the Rockies.

I have been active in the porcelain doll making industry since 1987. When I was a stay-at-home Mom, I went to the local ceramic store to find something to make for Christmas presents. Wait! The shop needed a seamstress, BUT, I had to "learn the difference between French and German sewing" before I could sew for them. That was the first and last hook: I took a doll making class, which by the way my first doll was a Bru! I had always wanted a fine porcelain doll, and I thought I could never afford one. So I would make one.

My love of dolls really started at a very small age, along with my love for sewing for them. I was very fortunate to be raised in neighborhood where there were no other children. I had a playhouse in the backyard, dolls and my little rat terrier "Puddles" to play with all day. I learned to entertain myself, quit well. I had a Mother that believed in teaching a child to sew, so I was sewing "great fashions" for my storybook dolls at five years old. Funny how our lives go full circle! I had my "dog/friend", my dolls, and I loved to make mud pies. Some of my worst spankings were over mud pies on the back sidewalk when Dad came home from work. What do they say about "childhood play"?

As I said, life does go in full circle. Dolls kept me sane, before I retired from my position as Chief of Employee Relations, Fitzsimons Army Medical Center. With early retirement offered, my husband encouraged me do something that I loved - that was DOLLS!

My son answered a question from one of my longtime friends, "What is your Mom doing now?" he replied "Playing with dolls all day." That's right:
I pour porcelain (greenware) "make mud pies" and smile because I can teach classes about something I love. I Create a world that is fun for people to enjoy and live in the country where alfalfa and wheat fields our in my front and back yard.

Doll making is a JOURNEY that has taken me to many different places, where I have made friends all over the world. I belong to organizations that at one time, I thought would be out of my reach. I get to share my passion with children and adults by recreating dolls from the past; modern painted eyed dolls, porcelain art projects. Some of my greatest pleasures are when students finishes their doll(s); earns a degree; or, wins an award in a competition.

Please come play and learn the art of porcelain doll making!