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I will respond to all orders in a timely matter. My items are vintage so they will show normal age wear, but will be in good condition as described. Your items will be packaged with care!
About Us
Hi! My name is Oliver and I am an unconventional treasure hunter. I have a passion for finding unique pieces in unusual places. I love going to estate sales, browsing the farthest pages of internet searches, and researching unusual collections. My goal is always to give new life and love to these amazing overlooked objects.

My background is in Contemporary Art and Art History, however for the past 5 years my career has taken me to galleries and museums working hands on to exhibit, pack, ship, and organize their collections. I've also had extensive experiences working with the large auction houses sending and receiving many works of art over the years. I spent a year in the Harn Museum as Chief Preparator, and witnessed first hand one of the fastest growing Asian Art collections in the Northeast United States. That's where I fell in love with snuff bottles, scrolls, and other important Asian Works of Art. Understandably there is quite a lot of research and uncertainty in collecting these works, especially for western audiences who don't read chinese, and as such I will do my best to provide information and resources for objects where applicable.

However, you won't just find snuff bottles in my shop, you will also find unique objects in several other collecting areas: Vintage and Antique Barware, Collectibles, Silver Holloware, Vintage and Antique Games, and many other items in various categories. You have my guarantee that my object information is correct to the best of my ability, and that I have verified as much information through collecting books, professional colleagues, and research where possible. If you have any questions about any of my objects feel free to contact me, and I am always open to any and all offers.

I am happy to provide a complimentary basic appraisal with any purchase for more background information by the professionals in Value My Stuff, who's credentials and experience surpass my knowledge base. Please note that if requesting this service it may add 2-5 business days to your order.