Andrii Zhyvodorov, Romny Ukraine

Extra-large selection of Ukrainian antiquities. Ukrainian vintage embroideries,vyshyva nka.Only handmade

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Vyshyvanka women clothing, Vintage clothing, Ukrainian embroidery, vyshyvanka vintage

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Hello, our dear customer!)
We decided to open the antiques store to bring that rich Ukrainian history, the beautiful and unique embroidery to the world. We want to share the beautiful and culturally rich history of Ukraine with you, our dear customers!
Our family is professionally engaged in the antiquary, especially the authentic handmade items.We have 1 offline shop, 3 warehouses, 8 restorers, more than 1000 different products, more than a ton of antiquary and 30 years of experience. We are professionals.

Exclusive selection of Ukrainian antiquities, ETHNIC CLOTHES ( shirts for men and women,summer and winter sleeveless blouses, skirts, handmade Ukrainian cotton fabrics, coifs and belts) household items ( jugs, molds for paskha, cuckolds,scales, flasks, smoothers, hair picks, shovels, troughs, large bottles, trashels, primitives, lamps, samovars( woodfired and electric),trays, dropping bottles, kettles,candlesticks,coffers, pocket watches, table and wall clocks, gramophones and various furniture.
Best regards,
Andrii, Natalya and Valeria