Two For His Heels

Steve Bacon, Fredericksburg VA
Antique and Vintage Playing Cards, Cribbage Boards, Whist Markers, Trump Indicators, Game Boxes, and Other Card Game Items
Ruby Lane Exclusive since 2006

Playing Cards and Card Game Collectibles


About Two For His Heels


Effective this date (March 7, 2016) we have decided to charge fixed amounts for international sales using First Class Mail: $10 for the first deck, and $3 for each additional deck. In most cases, a tarot deck will be treated as 2 decks. In any instance where actual shipping costs are less, we will only charge actual costs, but this would be very unusual. Our assumption is that the fixed charges instituted today will result in a savings for our customers.

International First Class Mail is not insured. On sales that are large enough to warrant insurance, USPS standard charges will apply, although discounts may be considered on a case by case basis.


We recently (May 14, 2016) experienced a problem with a customer who blames us for his having to pay U.K. and/or E.U. import fees/taxes/tariffs of some kind on cards purchased from us. He submitted the only negative review that we have ever received here at Ruby Lane.

In a given year we sell cards in something like 30-50 foreign countries. We do not know the specifics of what these countries charge our customers at the border for items that we sell, and we cannot be expected to know. However, we are certainly aware in a general sense that there are duties/tariffs/fines/penalties/taxes, etc., of all kinds and descriptions throughout the world that may apply. Please make sure that you know what your country charges on imported goods of the kind sold in this shop, and take it into account before placing an order with us.