Two For His Heels

Steve Bacon
Frankford , DE
Antique and Vintage Playing Cards, Cribbage Boards, Whist Markers, Trump Indicators, Game Boxes, and Other Card Game Items

Ruby Lane Exclusive since 2006

Playing Cards and Card Game Collectibles


About Two For His Heels


If you include more than one item in your order, it is possible/likely that the amount that shows for domestic shipping and insurance will simply be the total of the separate charges combined. If so, it will be too high. If you include 10 items in your order it may be much too high. Please contact Steve by email if this happens. Ultimately you will not be charged more for shipping and insurance than the actual cost. We are looking into changes we can make that will rectify/avoid this problem


Shipping costs -- both domestic and international -- are a constant challenge as we attempt to offer playing cards and other card game items to our customers at competitive prices. We believe this is one area where we can accomplish savings for our customers at minimal cost to us. Accordingly, as and when new items are listed we will be electing to absorb the cost of insurance to our customers. Insurance will show as "included" when the item is purchased. Gradually we will be absorbing this cost on earlier-listed items, but since this will require a change to nearly 1400 prior listings, the process will take time.


Effective this date (March 7, 2016) we have decided to charge fixed amounts for international sales using First Class Mail: $10 for the first deck, and $3 for each additional deck. In most cases, a tarot deck will be treated as 2 decks. In any instance where actual shipping costs are less, we will only charge actual costs, but this would be very unusual. Our assumption is that the fixed charges instituted today will result in a savings for our customers.

International First Class Mail is not insured. On sales that are large enough to warrant insurance, USPS standard charges will apply, although discounts may be considered on a case by case basis.
Steve Bacon
12 Coral Lane
DE 19945

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