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Nothing Haunts You Like The Vintage Ring That Got Away.....
since 2018

English Art Deco Antique & Vintage Diamond Rings

About TRU Vintage Diamonds Ltd

Our Service Pledge
We may be new to Rubylane but certainly not when dealing in vintage diamonds. TRU Vintage Diamonds is a registered limited company based in the United Kingdom and can be found on other platforms as well as here on

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase but if for any reason you're not please be assured I accept no quibble returns. Please notify me within 3 days of receiving the item and return it in the same condition it was received. I must receive the item back to me within 30 days from the date of receipt to yourself as this is EU law. If you are returning from outside of the UK, I can arrange for it to be collected by the same courier who delivered it to you and will email you all of the completed customs paperwork for you to print off to pack with the item being returned. ** You are responsible for return shipping & associated insurance fees**

Because Antique & Vintage jewellery has a history and an age-spanning over decades the jewellery I sell may have imperfections commensurate with its age. I am mindful to describe as carefully and as honestly as possible in the listing description any imperfections or flaws. That said, I do not sell worn out rings with very thin bands or worn claws. I check the back of the setting and if it needs repair or restoration at all, I will take care of that before I list it for sale. Like wise, if a diamond has a chip or a crack I will disclose that information in the item description.
I have videos of all of my rings worn in my conservatory using window light. Diamonds need light and movement for you to get some idea of how it sparkles and still photos just don't provide any real detail and whilst a video is certainly a step in the right direction at the end of the day, no camera lens can capture a diamonds fire quite like the human eye can and diamonds almost always look significantly better in person than in videos and photos.

Ruby Lane and each of its independent shops want you to be satisfied with your purchase. To ensure your satisfaction and for the protection of both the buyer and shop owner, we have a Return Policy that each Ruby Lane shop owner honours. View Return Policy. Please note that layaway items are not returnable.

All items will be shipped via air freight couriers & will be shipped insured. All international (Outside of the UK) shipping & insurance will be calculated according to your zip code and the value of the purchase. I will provide a copy of the paid shipping invoice so you can see exactly what was paid and the fee included. If you are an international buyer you are responsible for your own countries customs & handling fees which I have no control over.

Layaway items are not returnable.

This shop offers a layaway plan for purchases. The Ruby Lane Return Policy does not apply to layaway purchases, and Layaway Plans may vary by shop. It is extremely important to read and understand this shops Layaway Plan below and clarify any terms with the individual shop owner before you enter into a Layaway Plan agreement.
About Us
I totally understand that no one can be 100% certain of a purchase for jewellery until you have seen it in person and with your own two eyes and its because of this that I accept no quibble no questions asked returns.
It is important to me that a potential customer truly understands what they are thinking of investing in so we can avoid any disappointments or misunderstandings. I encourage as many questions and queries you need prior to you making a purchase so that both you and I are confident in moving forwards, it's a big decision by most peoples standards after all.

I am always available to offer honest and constructive advice and if I feel the piece is not right for you, I will tell you so because the last thing I want is a disappointed client who was expecting something other than what was actually for sale. I would rather be frank and avoid attempts to over sell something if I feel it is not exactly what you are hoping for.

Like the vast majority of jewellery dealers I'm not a trained gemologist but I have been examining diamonds for some years and provide an estimated colour and clarity of diamonds in my listing. Of course this is based on my untrained personal opinion and experience only, so it goes without saying that should you later decide to have the diamond certified the grading it receives may well differ to my estimation. Diamond grading is subjective even between official laboratories after all and many sellers keep well away from mention of any diamonds colour or clarity for fear of it causing problems down the line. I still feel it's better to provide some idea of a diamonds quality over no mention of it at all and I am happy to say that to date, this method has not backfired on me.

The photographs I take are all shot using natural light from my conservatory windows, I do not use LED or strobe/flash lights because in order to get a true idea of a diamonds colour and clarity you need to see it in natural light only, I also included a video of the ring worn on my own fingers in my conservatory too. (Please ask for a video link)

I'm with you all the way from the very first question to moment you see your ring for the very first time and if need be, beyond.
Of course I hope you are satisfied with your purchase but if not I am here to guide you through the return process right up to the point of you getting the refund. Your satisfaction is my priority because if you're not happy with your purchase and experience then I'm not doing my job correctly and I love my job and hope to do this for the rest of my life.