About Tri-City Revivals

About Us:
What originally started out as a hobby for us, quickly turned into an obsession and a passion. Growing up together as best friends, we weren't into many of these items like we are today. Around 2011, we started attending flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and auctions. From that point on, day in and day out, we were going somewhere to find the most unique items possible. We are “those guys” attending your estate sale and asking if we can see the crawl space in your attic or the loft in your garage. Once we mastered the small town sales, we turned to picking. Very similar to what you would see on TV, we found collectors off the beaten path of America. We gained a few leads, developed relationships, and kept up the momentum. We look for those items that have been hidden from the public for decades. Not just because there is a market for it, but because we enjoy the hunt of finding someone who has been looking for that piece to collect since their childhood.