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“Loved treasures” from the past!


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At Tresors Aimes, I make every effort to correctly describe each item to the best of my ability as well as to describe the condition of the item in detail to include any noticed defects or imperfections. I may, unintentionally, overlook something and will reimburse your shipping costs if you wish to return the item. I will answer any question you might have to the best of my knowledge.

I will respond to all questions within 24 hours and ship all purchased items within 48 hours. Customer service is very important to me and I want you to be extremely happy with your purchase. If you should have a concern about your purchase, please contact me so that I can take care of you immediately. Your satisfaction is my number one priority!
About Us
I have had a love of things old since I was a young girl visiting my grandparent’s Victorian home. I would go exploring in the attic, but loved the old barn best! I have also had a love for animals at even a younger age. And so, my antique collection began! I really have an "amour" for buying and offering vintage and antique items to others who share the passion, particularly jewellery and animal collectibles. What I truly love about vintage is that every piece has a story. They have and will once again be loved by someone. And so my shops name “Tresors Aimes” which translates to “Loved Treasures”.

I do trade shows, as well as, selling at different antique markets with other dealers. This is a great place to pool knowledge and resources. I have been taking gemology courses and working hard on my own studying “old jewellery”, particularly Victorian and Edwardian, my true passion! I will make every effort to make your shopping experience with me a pleasant one! Thank you for visiting my shop!
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