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For years I have been a collector and appraiser of vintage and antique items. My background is period decorative arts and I worked for auction houses in New York City. After completing the Fine and Decorative arts appraisal courses at NYU, I studied in France and England as well. French things have a special appeal for me, but anything feminine and beautiful holds an attraction. I have been selling online in various venues since 2002, but have been a collector all my life. Much of what I sell are items that have been in my personal collection, which constantly evolves. I sell to make room for new items in my collections, and to share the beautiful things I have loved with new people who will appreciate them as I have.

I am known as the "Apollo Aficionado." Over the past few years, I have done extensive and authoritative research on Apollo Studios, a very fine group of artisans which began in the 19th century and closed its doors in the 1950s. Although many of their items are not marked, I am able to recognize them through their workmanship, and the motifs and materials that they regularly used. In a few years I will be publishing a book on Apollo and other quality makers of ladies vanity items.

People often wonder how I arrive at the price of various items. I am an antique and fine art appraiser, and make a careful study of similar items, the current market, and other factors before setting my prices. Something to bear in mind is the rarity of an item, and condition is a big factor as well. Many of the items offered here are of museum quality and a few of my items are now in decorative arts museums.