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All, authentic Japanese vintage and antique kimono or other objects have been acquired by my husband and I, assisted by a Japanese specialist, while we lived in Japan for 5 years. Within our kimono gallery we have arranged and selected vintage and antique kimonos. During the Edo, Meiji and Taisho eras in Japan, there was no arbitrary division of art into fine arts and decorative arts, as is prevalent in Western art. Eminent artists were commissioned to design textiles and each work was an original creation. Many of the kimonos in our gallery were created during the early 20th century: a special time in Japan when a rapid growth of wealth and confidence - in combination with one of the world's great textile traditions - resulted in garments that can be considered important art. We have acquired for collection what we feel are the best kimonos in terms of superior artistry, rarity and condition. The Japanese rightly considered kimonos to be works of art, often using them to hang over screens and decorate their rooms. Collectors and wearers worldwide agree.

Other art objects come from my great-grand-father William Alford Watson who was an accomplished archaeologist and Master SGT that served with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland in Greece, Egypt, and the Middle East. This was an infantry battalion from the Royal Regiment of Scotland that served in WWI.

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