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The adventure of my family in the trading and collecting antique clocks and watches started in 1867 with my great grandfather Armando.
Thanks to my grandfather Ausano, who was a skilled repairer and inventor, the business went on through the years in Passarella Street in Milan, where between the two world wars he taught the craft to my father Ugo. From 1952 my father moved the business in Borgospesso street in Milano (in the middle of the actual fashion district) where, with the help of my mother Carla, he started to buy, sell and collect modern and antique clocks and watches.
From 1970 we moved to the renowned Della Spiga street where we specialized more and more in the antique horological trade.
Our current headquarter is in 8 Borgospesso street and the craft get involved not only me, Ausano Musa, but also my two sons Matteo and Sara. They represent the fifth generation of horological expert in the family.
What's moves us? The great passion that these technically and artistically wonderful objects are able to instill to those who can perceive and decipher their profound charm and uniqueness.

Ausano Musa