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Hello. I am Tony Abbate. My wife Kelly and I started collecting Art Nouveau glass approx 25-30 years ago. We came to appreciate the work of Johann Loetz above all others. We bought all the reference books and eventually began to contribute to various web sites as our expertise grew. I'm proud to say that today, many of our treasures have found themselves into some of Europe's most important museums including the PASK in Klatovy, Czech Republic and the MAK in Vienna.

We have a client list that extends from the USA and across all of Europe, Japan and even South America. I am a regular contributor to Collectors Weekly and am the creator and administrator of the Loetz Austria Facebook page as well as the Loetz Collectors group on Facebook. Numerous items from our past and current collections can be found among the pages of the trusted newly updated Loetz web site. We have been able to maintain a loyal list of clients because our service begins and ends with customer satisfaction. We've been a trusted seller on eBay since 2001. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy our shop.