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Toni Griffin, London, UK

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About Tonia Lauren's Jewels

Tonia Lauren is the creator and curator of Tonia Lauren's Jewels. The collection represents the careful procurement of unique pieces from around the globe, offered for sale to customers seeking a unique piece through her online store.

Tonia feels drawn to hidden gems, which are in need of love and restoration and has a special interest in recreating them so that they can be enjoyed once again. Often with a modern twist on an old classic but always unique and one-off's.

The collection reflects her fascination of vintage jewellery clasps and the beauty of semi-precious stones and luminescent pearls. Tonia aims to find the unique beauty in each piece and fashion it so that it may be enjoyed.

Tonia also collects and frames original prints from two Parisien fashion journals which were distributed at the beginning of the 20th century:

-Journal des Dames et des Modes, Costumes Parisiens 1912-1914
-Gazette du Bon Ton 1912-1925