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Debra Parkhurst, North East, MD

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About Toby the Golden Hero Jewelry

Hi, I am Debbie Parkhurst , I have over 35 years in the jewelry business. My first job was at Lloyd - Walsh Jewelers in Wilmington, Delaware. where I went to school to learn metals and gems, also antiques. I ended up going to Penn State and became a Mechanical Engineer, which I worked until In 2007 I went home for lunch and to let my dogs out. I bit into an apple and choked on the peel.. My two year old Golden Retriever Toby, saved my life, by knocking me down on the floor and jumping on me.. the story went worldwide . In 2007 Toby received the 2007 ASPCA dog of year award. In 2008 Toby was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer at age three.. we were told he had 6 months to live, after finding an amazing vet, Toby lived 10 more years to 13 years old.. When we were at the ASPCA awards, a wonderful loving actress, asked me what is my passion, I said " animals and jewelry".. she started an amazing journey for me.. we started receiving jewelry donations from around the world.. I quit my engineering job, I opened a store in the quant town of North East Maryland. where we help animals with the money we make.. Please come visit us.. or you can buy from our store here. I will be listing the antique jewelry here, so have fun shopping and you get to help us help the animals.. Thank you for all your help..

We have amazing jewelry and watches.. If you need to Contact me with any questions Please feel free to contact me.

Phone 410-441-0505 - Please leave a message so I can call you back, or feel free to text me