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Mary Ellen (MEG) Getchell, Harkers Island NC

"We are recycling America's past. Every find is a thrill, every thrill is a story, every story is someone's history."

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"Recycling America's Past, One Treasure at a Time..."


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About Us
We love our work! Every "find" is a history lesson from someone's life. Sometimes it is humbling, sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is sad. But always, the thrill of the find is there. We take pride in the fact that this work is the ultimate in recycling, recycling America's past, by offering and passing on the treasure to you. Every piece is special. Every story is special. That is why we do this work. We love the stories, we love the treasures. And to quote the poet Robert Frost:

"...Only where love and need are one, And the work is play for mortal stakes, Is the deed ever really done For Heaven's and the future's sakes."

So, here we are - we hope you enjoy our store.