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Mark Clay Grove, Northern Virginia, VA

Paperback, Hardcover, eBook: THE MADISON PICKER. Ventures in the Trade, Travel, & Hunting Design Merit.

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Welcome to my virtual, smoke-free shop for as long as it lasts. I am downsizing. You see this stuff? I live with it. I do not have a bricks-'n-mortar store. Nor do I have storage units. All of what you see here is in my home hanging on a wall or on a shelf or in a shoe box behind a row of collectible books on a shelf. I am not a dealer (anymore) and I stopped collecting about 15 years ago. Ruby Lane is the best-looking venue on the Web; that's why I am here. When my collection is exhausted, which looks like never at this point, I will shutter this Ruby Lane operation and do what I would rather be doing -- fishing, traveling, reading, and writing books no one reads.

I like original paint and original dry surface, objects with design merit, folk art, photographs, and sporting things that are both practical and that look real cool displayed in a man cave. Most of what you see here on these pages I acquired way back in the 80's and 90's when I had an antiques shop, antiques mall, when I rode the circuit (antiques show dealer) in a big boxed truck. My relevant market was literally everywhere east of the Mississippi. I picked every which way possible and bought from the top dealers at the top shows, like the Heart of Country Show (TN), York (PA), New Hampshire Week, Philly Week (PA), Decades of Design (Baltimore), The Pier (NYC), and also at flea markets and auction venues like Renninger's (PA), Crumpton (MD), Scott's (GA), Adamstown (PA), Brimfield (MA), and across the Atlantic at Portobello Road (UK), Camden Passage (UK), you name it. I was there and I was there early, too, with a flashlight in hand. Often I was set up to sell. I did this for 25 years. I'm a second generation collector. Yep. Grew up with the virus in my veins. I'm cured though. Went through a 12-step program, I did. Don't buy stuff anymore. Now I write about the mania in a fictionalized series that brings to life what it's like to be in my bizarre-bazaar world, a world filled with witty and quirky characters that will make you laugh.

The first title is, "The Madison Picker." The second book's title in the series is, "Some Kind of Good." The series is about a divvy. It reads like a Lovejoy travelogue. Critics who have read it have said that it was 'immensely entertaining,' 'hilarious,' etc. You may like it too. Order a signed copy here on my Ruby Lane site or Google either of the titles or my name (Mark Clay Grove) and my books will appear in your search results. When you do a search on me, you will also discover that I have earned credentials from ASA, which is one of the top appraisal societies in the world.

Descriptions are written in a professional manner that any reasonable mind can understand, and without adjectives; like, gorgeous, wonderful, fantastic, exquisite. You want hype, go car shopping. Here at The Madison Picker we provide just the facts, jack. You're welcome to browse and ask questions. Return anytime. My professional advice is to buy only what you like and the best that you can afford and never buy as an investment. You want a good investment? Invest in yourself.