We find the best vintage & antique coloured & clear glass, with a specialism in Czech glass

About The Vintage Glass Shop

Our Service Pledge
We respond to all messages almost immediately (providing it is not night time in the UK!). All orders are shipped within 1 working day of payment being received.

As we are a new shop on Ruby Lane, please feel free to ask me for other references from other selling platforms.
About Us
Welcome to The Vintage Glass Shop!

We sell the best vintage & antique coloured and clear glass, with a specialism for Czech glass.

Our glass items range from vases to decanters and come from countries including:

- the old Czechoslovakia (including Bohemia);
- Austria (Vienna);
- Germany;
- England;
- Scotland;
- Italy (Murano);
- Scandinavia;

Designers include:

- Vaclav Hanus;
- Frantisek Vizner;
- Frank Thrower;
- Jan Beranek;
- Thomas Webb;
- Geoffrey Baxter;
- Frantisek Zemek;
- Zdenka Strobachova;

to name but a few!

Factories include:

- Sklo Union (umbrella name);
- Rosice;
- Borske Sklo;
- Libichovice;
- Dartington;
- Skrdlovice;
- Whitefriars
- Holmegarrd;
- Mstisov;

again to name but a few!

We are constantly finding new stock so please come back regularly to see our new finds.

Please get in contact if you have any questions or would like further information.