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Ann Webb, Laguna Niguel, CA

I only regret the things I didn't buy. . .

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I will accept any return - no questions asked. I only want happy buyers. Jewelry should bring you joy.
About Us
I began my love of antiques as a child, when I traveled with my mother to Antique shows. My mother had an antique jewelry store in Texas while I was growing up, and before her, my grandmother dealt in antiques as well. I've inherited not just their love of antiques, but also their inventory. My grandmother's fascination was birds, the Far East, and beads. My mother loved all things Victorian, extending naturally to the earlier Georgian, and later Edwardian pieces as well.
For the past 15 years I have sold fine antique jewelry at a showcase in a renowned Antique Mall in California. A recent move has made it inconvenient to maintain an in-store location, so I will be making the move to Ruby Lane, where I'm sure I will be very happy to showcase many beautiful treasures for sale.
I've chosen the name The Victorian Goldfish because I feel the simple grace and natural beauty of the sparkly little goldfish perfectly represents the aesthetic of the Victorian era. It's no surprise that the Victorians were somewhat goldfish obsessed as well.