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Hi my name is Carley. I am wife, mother & step-mother to 6 amazing kiddo’s on the West Coast of Florida. My life’s work has been as a Bachelor’s trained Registered Nurse. Besides my crazy day to day life I have been a collector and daydreamer about all things Jewelry since basically birth.
The story goes… grew up in the flea market, garage/estate sale, thrift, antique shop and show scene since before I could walk and although I went the more traditional place in my 9-5 life with nursing, slopping around to markets, local thrift stores and estate sales have always been my stress relieving sideline.
My mother (Verna) on the other hand is like a lot of die-hard bargain hunters and has lived that all consuming life for as long as I can remember… early memories of walking through passages of chicken or tomato boxes filled with stock to get from the front door to ANY other destination in my childhood home, my first job was setting up with her at the markets before the sun came up or sleeping in the front of the van until you start to hear the voices of the like-minded looking for “that special item” at the markets. One of my favorite events was going through my mother’s collections or even that of other collectors and opening A Velvet Box, that point of anticipation, not knowing if you will find a gold, gemstones or just a keepsake. Oh nostalgia.
Present day… as life goes on circumstances has made for opportunities as in life sometimes you are fortunate enough to have happen if you open your heart and eyes to it. My mother and I have joined forces and skills and have begun to open what I like to call The (BIG) Velvet Box aka her years and years of collections.
“Over the years, I’ve learned that circumstances don’t determine who you are or who you can become.”