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Paul Bennett, London UK

Watch out for some great Bargains!

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A Collector selling some lovely dolls


About The Thinking Doll

Our Service Pledge
I Will respond to all orders within 24 hours,
I guarantee the authenticity of all my Items and Antique Items.
About Us
My name is Paul, I am first and foremost a Doll Collector.
The main reason for opening this shop is to sell Dolls Doll items that
I am no longer fond of or maybe an impulse buy on my part!
my tastes are constantly changing!
I work as a Sculptor for Madame Tussauds.
In my spare time I collect and repair dolls mainly for myself.
I have an obsession with Human hair and love making copies of Antique doll wigs.
Please be aware- I will be adding 3.4 % to all my sold items,
this is because PayPal are charging 3.4% to my sold items even though
my PayPal account is a personal account.
If I am not charged on sold items I will pay back the charge to the customer.
There is also visa as a payment option.
Thank you Paulxx