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Schröder Konaté, Richmond VA

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About The Norwegian German

Schröder Konaté is the owner of The Norwegian German and this shop specializes in Fine Art, Antique Dolls and Collectibles.

Schröder is a native of Philadelphia, PA, and has been an Artist her entire life, receiving her professional training/degrees at Moore College of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA and Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Schröder works from her studio in downtown, Richmond, VA, Art Works, and particularly enjoys working with special needs children through art therapy; all proceeds from sales go towards funding Schröder's art therapy program for special needs children in order to keep the program free, ensuring that every family has the opportunity to participate, regardless of income...

All outfits on the antique dolls that are for sale are handmade/custom designed and one of a kind, made by Schröder Konaté, as well as all of the art that is for sale, unless otherwise stated.

"Do what you love... love what you do... surround yourself with it..."