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William Roper, Varsity Lakes QLD Australia

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About The Hidden Room

Our Service Pledge
Prompt professional servicing. Dedicated to bringing you unique finely sought after intricacies and curiousities as well as the finest jewels and oldest of olds.
Guaranteed response within 24 hours and we personally sign off on authenticity of all our items.
We are passionate about what we do and the service we provide.
About Us
A collection of Antique and Vintage jewels and delights. Uniquely delicate and intricate designs, oddities, and any such wares that have captured our attention.
Products Sourced and selected Carefully, using our extensive knowledge gained through years of experience and learning.
Travelling throughout Australia, Europe and Asia, visiting local fairs, markets, and estate sales, we have a great knowledge base, but continue to educate ourselves at every opportunity. We are passionate and enjoy Trading, bartering, early mornings, late nights and the hunt that is often involved in sourcing our items.

We are Continually striving to Advance our knowledge base through as many different resources available.
Aiming to provide a high level of depth and knowledge, clear and concise descriptions of all items available for sale.

We pride ourselves on prompt, professional response time.
Delivering products in their best form. Guaranteed to reach desired destination clean and free from unmentioned damage, packaged with the customer solely in mind.

Shipped professionally and as safely as possible. Through the use of double boxing, combined with layered packing foam, bubble wrap, packing beans, protective sleeves/cases and heavy duty Kraft board. We are certain your piece will reach you securely, in a timely manner, and as described, leaving our customers completely satisfied.

We invite you to look around, ask as many questions as you wish, you won’t be disappointed.