The Eye That Finds

S Klinger, Tucson AZ
since 2019

About The Eye That Finds

Our Service Pledge
There have been a few occasions when a customer see's the very thing they have been searching for, forever. Sometimes it's been a gift for a family member, colleague or friend. And I've had those challenges as well that have stretched my concepts and growth. My motto, my mission statement "A life worth living and a business worth building."
About Us
Welcome to The Eye That Finds and thank you for taking a moment.

Dad was an Air Force Pilot. Mom was an Art History Teacher and our Tour Guide as we made our way from South Eastern Turkey to Spain and England. So much of those years contributed to becoming a Builder, a Craftsman and Collector. Building Boats, Spiral Stairs. The "bug" that so many of us seem to identify, came from Mom and Dad. It's in the DNA...... The bug for searching, scanning, seeking, listening....all of it came to life on the Streets of Madrid, Spain. Very early Sunday mornings Dad would knock on my door and we'd drive up to the City. Sometimes we beat the Sunrise. A hot cup of Cafe con Leche - and a newspaper rolled into a cone filled with Churros - sometimes steaming hot Chestnuts - and we were there - At the Rastro - Sunday morning open air market. Sellers shouting out a special, buyers arguing over price and the air perfumed with flowers and bread fresh from the bakeries.

Listings will be appearing weekly. Jewelry, Tools, Art, Porcelain, Sterling and more.

Please feel free to write and let us know what you collect or may be looking for. There may be one of those on the shelf that hasn't been listed yet.