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Phines, Hanover, PA

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About The Elegance of Shamae

Our Service Pledge
We respond to all questions within a few hours. We guarantee authenticity of our items and fully and fairly disclose any defects affecting value in the descriptions we provide. We guarantee our items and our service before during and after the sale
About Us
We are Phines and Mark. Our shop focus is on vintage men's and women's clothing, dinnerware and antique serving and kitchen items and vintage home decor.

Phines is in Southeast Asia and specializes in the technology part of our business. Mark is in south central PA and our shop is in Hanover PA. Our shop features only our best vintage fashions for men and women and antique kitchen and home decor . Each piece curated for style and appeal .

We love truly amazing vintage fashions for men and women. Over the past few years we've sold nearly 2000 items worldwide. All across the spectrum of vintage clothing antiques and jewelry. We don't look for the most expensive items we can find, we look for style and value. Items from the major eras, the defining periods of style and character.

We focus on vintage clothing and antiques from the Victorian Era to the early 80's. Many of the vintage clothing items we feature are hand made. The south central PA region is home to the Amish and Dunkards, of generational farms and people who forged their lives by the hard work of life here. Our items are dated by interview, internet sources and reference materials. Phines manages a collection of sites and sources to accurately describe the items we find. The guidelines of Ruby Lane, and its adherence to strict principles helps us focus our items on their significance. We use the wording and descriptors Ruby Lane recognizes and holds their shops to. We don't call an item antique unless we can prove it, or clothing described as an era we can't authenticate.

We make ourselves available at all times for questions, comments or concerns. We use technology as it is meant to be used. We focus on the entire process from finding unique items to the moment you open the package delivered to your door, and then beyond.

So who is Shamae? Shamae is the visual image and muse of our shop. An embodiment of the era's long gone but not forgotten.