The Buried Treasure of Capt. Momo

Gabriela M., Barrington, IL

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We Specialize in Fine Vintage-Antique and Native American Jewelry

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The Buried Treasure of Capt. Momo is a collection of gorgeous authentic Native American, vintage and contemporary fine Gold and Silver Jewelry. All of our items have a 100% guarantee of inspection, authenticity, and accurate descriptions. We believe in honesty and believe in ourselves and in each of the items. If you have any question regarding any of them item we offer for sale, we welcome them. Please email us, and we will happily and gladly answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.
We hope you find something in our collection that interests you and we appreciate and thank you for visiting our online store.
About Us
Formally known as Manzano’s Jewelry, Inc; A family owned business, located in the State of Illinois. That proudly specialize in fine Jewelry, Antiques & Vintage, Native American, Gold, Platinum, Silver and Special Designs. Featuring pieces made by legendary Native American Silversmith Artists like: Perry Shorty, Ron Bedonie, & Thomas Curtis.

Owners: With a focus and passion for fine jewelry, Alfonzo & Gabriela Manzano began their business in Berwyn IL in 1995. Their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication made it possible for them to established more locations around the suburbs of Illinois. An achievement that as a family and business; take great pride in.

In May of 2014, we closed the doors to our last store in Hanover Park, IL. In order to take a new direction, and bring our business online. Our goal is to bring the same enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication that we have given in the last 19 years to customers from all over the country and the world.
Gabriela M.
1515 S. Grove Ave Unit 3436
Barrington, IL 60011
Tel: (847) 340-2666
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