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Rincon , GA
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I have been in awe of things of old since I was a young and actually started collecting when I was 14 years old bouncing from one antique and curiosity shop on a regular basis. I first collected, at that age, antique books, colored glass along with any odd looking pieces I thought were "cool".

I spent my adult years working for the Judicial System and opened my first Ruby Lane shop, I believe it was, back in 2001, Wendy's Corner. I went on to open Glynn's Garage among others even into several years after, my last being, Wilted Treasures. I also had a shop on "Ruby Plaza" called A Path to Glitz. I did this while still working for the Court and became a week-end warrior of Estate Sales.

I retired at the end of 2012 from working, but have never from my love of those things of old.

"On our path through life going unnoticed has symply not been an option.
Thankfully Mother Nature has drawn us to her bosom to have the freedom to dance and shine from all the sparkles throughout the Universe"

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Wyndy LaMarche
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